Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Transitions Featuring Julie Coss and Geneviève Levasseur

New for the month of April in celebration of spring and Winnipeg's construction season are paintings and photographs by University of Manitoba Thesis students, Julie Coss and Geneviève Levasseur! Visit the Gallery during Stella's hours to enjoy the art over a great meal! All works are available for sale with prices marked. All inquiries can be directed to a.gillian.king@gmail.com

Geneviève Levasseur with her paintings

Julie Coss with her photographs

Thursday, March 3, 2011


It's hard to believe it's already March and we're taking down the FLESH show tomorrow and switching over to Canadiana, our March show! Join us for the Opening Night of Canadiana March 11th from 7-10pm and here's a sneakpeek of some of the work that will be shown...

Jill Peters

Leanne Roed

Lauren McPhaden

Julie Coss

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Just got back from setting up the last of the work for our March show FLESH: Featuring works by Leslie Roos, Megan Dreidger, and Rachel Schappert. I think it's the most work we've had in the gallery at one time before! Pieces are already selling so if you're looking for a unique Valentines gift and a chance to meet the artists head down to the gallery tomorrow night from 7-10pm for our Opening Night!

Here are some photos I took while we set up!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Updates from Interiors/Exteriors + news from 'FLESH'

The New Year is in full force and so is Gallery Ingenue! We are currently featuring Ashley Gillanders and Timothy Dyck. Their opening night last Friday was a great success - here are some photos from the month so far...

Tim and Ashley setting up Ashley's photographs

Setting up Tim's photographs

I made Ashley pose like this...

Tim's Regina series

Tim's Pinawa Series

Opening Night!

Timothy Dyck and the lovely Kerri Pries

All pieces in Tim and Ashley's show 'Interiors/Exteriors' are available for sale with prices marked. Contact me, a.gillian.king@gmail.com for details.

In other news, in case you missed it, the interview past Gallery Ingenue artist Dee Barsy and I did on Eat Your Arts and Vegetables with Derek Brueckner and Aleem Khan is now online to listen to. The interview covers how Gallery Ingenue came to be as well as conversations with Dee Barsy and I about our own work. I mentioned that we should bring something as a gift for Derek and Aleem so Dee decided we should bring vegetables to fit with the theme. This is us posing with our vegetables - Dee looking a lot more natural than I do.

Follow this link for the article and podcast on Eat Your Arts and Vegetables

We are also currently organizing for next month's show: 

featuring works by
Leslie Roos
Megan Driedger
& Rachel Schappert
Feb. 2 - Mar. 2
Opening Night Feb. 5th 7-10pm

Megan and Rachel are both current painting thesis students at the University of Manitoba and Leslie is a visual arts and psychology graduate from Brown University who is currently residing in Winnipeg. 

Here is a sampling of some of the works that will be shown in the upcoming month.

Leslie Roos

Megan Driedger

Rachel Schappert

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Interiors/Exteriors for the New Year

Happy Holidays everyone! The month of December is coming to a close and that means new artists are on the horizon for the month of January! You have until Saturday to get your last visit with paintings by Rick Rosario and Dee Barsy because I will be setting up new work with photographers Ashley Gillanders and Timothy Dyck! 

Interiors/Exteriors: Selected Works by Ashley Gillanders and Timothy Dyck will be on from January 2nd to February 2nd with their opening night being next Friday January 7th. Join the artists for their opening night (7-10pm) and if you bring 2 non-perishable food items for Winnipeg Harvest receive 10% of your Stella's meal! 

Here's a little background on both the artists as well as a sneak peek into the work they'll be showing this month:

Timothy Dyck

 Regina 01 by Timothy Joel Dyck

Vimy 02 by Timothy Joel Dyck

Timothy Joel Dyck is a Manitoba artist, studying photography at the University of Manitoba’s School of Art.
He is a photographer interested in the overlooked, un-contemplated moments that surround us. Often the familiar paths tread or faces seen take on a new meaning when framed by a lens. Working under impulse as much as preparation, he has trained his eyes to react to seeing the same things in a different way. The forced symbiosis of past and present take on new meanings.
Understanding a medium that is as deceptive as it is representative, he maintains much of his practice in film. Using the square negative format of medium format cameras, he allows his process to imprint its “natural frame” on his final pieces. Hand printing is as much a part of the work as is the act of tripping the shutter.
What is shown is something that he hopes resonates with viewers. Silent moments that attach to someone’s mind, expressing visually what words cannot say.

Ashley Gillanders

Untitled by Ashley Gillanders 

Untitled by Ashley Gillanders

Working in photography, I have developed a major body of work called Interiors.  Within this practice, I attempt to use photography to redefine space, while exploring new ways of seeing.  My desire to photograph architecture and interior spaces stems from an early appreciation and awareness of surrounding environments, while aesthetic and technical choices are attributed to a preoccupation with control and manipulation.  This series is about the emotional weight that environmental design has over individuals.

            I have photographed various residences in Winnipeg, Manitoba to which I feel a strong emotional connection, familiarity and even nostalgia, which all play a significant role in the series. Using a digital camera, I attempt to capture the essence of a space, and to liberate it of initial (often negative) properties, while calling attention to splendor in the every day. Aesthetic decisions are based on formal design elements of the space, specifically color, texture, and lighting. The use of artificial lighting allows me to manipulate the feeling of the space, while uniting it stylistically with other environments within the same series.

            The knowledge that, aside from lighting, I leave the photographed spaces untouched is extremely important to this body of work. I find that the original allure of the spaces is retained in the photographs because are presented as they are found.

            Feeling the restraints of digital photography, I have recently used a 4 x 5 view camera to aid in the development of this series. This new process and the accompanying aesthetic shift has resulted in the development of both my technique and subject matter. While the main objective remains the same as it did in earlier work, my recent emphasis has shifted from capturing the overall feeling of the environment to the objects within the environment.

And a reminder to tune into Eat Your Arts and Vegetables (CKUW 95.9FM Winnipeg) from 5:30-6pm to hear current Gallery Ingenue artist, Dee Barsy, and I speaking with Derek Brueckner and Aleem Khan about our art and Gallery Ingenue!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Birthing of Gallery Ingenue

Welcome to Gallery Ingenue's first post! To give you a little background on who I am, my name is Gillian King and I am in my final year of Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba doing my thesis in painting. I founded Gallery Ingenue just last month after having curated a sister restaurant to Stella's Cafe and Bakery, that being the Students of Fine Arts (SOFA) Gallery at Edna Fedya Restaurant, for the past six months. Gallery Ingenue came into being with the management of Stella's deciding that their wall space could have a better use than ten year old Toulouse Lautrec prints and thus Gallery Ingenue was birthed. 

The vision for Gallery Ingenue is to be a gallery where emerging local artists can show their work to the community in a heavily trafficked comfortable setting where a dialogue can be created about the work. One of the many great things about this gallery is its location. It's located in the heart of Osborne Village, an area of Winnipeg rich with art and culture, and it's actually inside one of Winnipeg's staple cafes providing a comfortable atmosphere where people can hang out and enjoy the art. The calibre of art will also set it apart from other art hung in restaurants. Unlike the aged Toulouse Lautrec paintings that used to hang on the walls, the walls are now home to some of the newest up and coming artists in Winnipeg. 

Every month, the art will change to either a solo or group show curated by myself through a submission process. Each month there will be an opening night where anyone can drop in, meet the artists, and have dinner and drinks while enjoying the art. I think using these gatherings as a fundraising opportunity is important so at each opening will be an opportunity to support a charitable cause in our community. At our first opening last week, if visitors brought two non-perishable food items for Winnipeg Harvest, they received 10% off their meal. This little incentive went a long way and I left with a hefty bin of food for the charity.

This brings us to our show, 'Faces of the City: Selected Works by Dee Barsy and Rick Rosario'. Dee and Rick are both current U of M students in the Fine Arts Faculty with focuses on painting. Here are words from the artists themselves and  a taste of the work they currently have up in the Gallery until January.

Melanie by Rick Rosario 4x5ft

"Born and raised in Manitoba, Rick Rosario is currently completing his Art History degree with a studio component focusing on painting at the University of Manitoba. Prior to this venture he has devoted over 10 years as a Graphic Designer and Art Director for various magazines throughout Canada.

“I continue to focus on portraiture and figurative paintings to explore the human condition. I hope to capture an aesthetic that creates psychological tension between the viewer and the subject. There is a mirror experience when people are experiencing portrait and figurative paintings... hopefully the observer connects with the work and is provoked by questions of the self, absurdity of existence and the irony and beauty of life experiences.”

Most works are oil on canvas, however aerosol and acrylic paint can be found integrated in his work. The choice of medium, dimension and subject matter focus on connecting the observer to communal states of consciousness and the collective unconscious."

Dee Barsy

16 Selkirk #1 by Dee Barsy 4x5ft

"As a young, emerging artist, Dee Barsy is currently preparing for her thesis year of the Fine Arts ‘Honours Degree Program’ at the University of Manitoba. Inspired by the young people she instructs, Dee finds community involvement integral to her creative practice. Over the past four years, her experience as an ‘Instructor’ at Graffiti Art Programming has served as a valuable entry into visual art and the arts community in Winnipeg.
At the onset of her practice, Dee is focused on oil painting, seeing it as a means to engage her thoughts and process her surroundings. With the use of complex geometric patterns, her paintings form a flux of streetscapes. To secure these often overwhelming spaces, specific personalities are placed in the center of the compositions. These paintings become records of her commute through a city that bustles with energy, where the only static image found, is a familiar face. She titles her paintings after bus routes that she regularly commutes on.
Dee makes use of a small palette, limiting herself to mixing one colour at a time. Intrigued by the idea that a given mixture can never be sincerely replicated, and that no two people will experience a colour in the same way, she finds optimism in the possibilities of paint. Through both building up and veiling layers, Dee invests her canvases with histories of colour. Her paintings become maps; often inspired by personal routine, particularly by the paths she regularly takes throughout the city. While these experiences concerning Winnipeg’s unique cityscape are transient, paint affords her the possibility of fixing such impressions. In developing receding and advancing forms, Dee finds a language to convey mobility, communicating her daily patterns and activity of the city."

Dee Barsy was also recently awarded the Manitoba Aboriginal Youth Achievement Award in the Visual Arts Category.

Here are some fun photos of Dee, Rick and I setting up for Galley Ingenue's first show:

Entrance to Stella's

Rick and I hanging his paintings

Dee with her painting
I also just found out today that Dee and I will be guest artists on Eat Your Arts and Vegetables Thursday Dec.30 from 5:30-6pm on CKUW 95.9fm to talk about our art and Gallery Ingenue so tune in  or listen to the podcast for up to six weeks afterwards!

Gallery Ingenue is always looking for new artists to feature so anyone interested can complete the submission requirements and send them to myself at a.gillian.king@gmail.com to be considered:

Artist Name(s)Bio(s)
Artist Statement(s)
Images, dimensions, and materials of all works to be shown

Don't forget to check out 'Faces of the City' for the remaining month of December and stay tuned for the upcoming January artists!